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O-T Fagbene


Pinned By Pearls provides vintage hat pins for media professionals to wear in their lapels on the red carpet. In doing so, each wearer makes a simple, public pledge:

"I am actively looking for projects directed, produced, written by and starring women, as well as other marginalized voices. I believe our industry culture will only heal when there are new, diverse voices in power. I wear this pin because I don't want to stand by; I want to stand up for change."

Several winners, nominees and presenters have already taken the pledge. We invite you to join them and spread the word.

So there is no confusion, we fully support the Time’s Up movement, but we are not affiliated. Neither are we a fundraising effort. We are an opportunity for those with influence in the industry to make a public pledge, seeking out diversity and equity in leadership. 


We’ve chosen the hat pin as a symbol because of its historical connection to women’s suffrage and empowerment. Hatpins were a memorable part of the suffragette ensemble. The pointy pins were also women's improvised, defensive weapon of choice. So much so that in the early 1900s their long length was even outlawed in many American cities. 

Educator and suffrage activist Nannie Helen Burroughs


The pearl represents how something beautiful can form from a single grain of sand. The small action of taking this pledge can be a first step towards industry-wide change. 


We chose these vintage pins both for their symbolism and their sustainability. By connecting to history, we want to honor the long-fought battle for equality in this country. In finding a new use for old objects, we aim for a small environmental footprint, and to shed light on the unrecognized tools all around us. 

Founder and CEO, Get On Pointer


Civil Rights Attorney and Activist

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